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faefantasy [userpic]
please mount the vibrating sheep of doom
by faefantasy (faefantasy)
at August 17th, 2009 (04:01 pm)

This community seems inactive but I would like a stamp please ^^
LJ cut

Name: Jane
Nicknames: Luty (from Harry Potter, because I look like her minus the hair color and length)
Age: 20
Likes: reading, manga, coffee, going out with friends, j-rock
Dislikes: bad advertising, news programs
Strong Points: athletic, kind (often a weak point)
Weak Points: occasionally unsociable
Your general mood: it changes a lot, creative, outwardly happy and a bit sarcastic
Describe yourself in three words: not a turnip-head

Mature or immature: immature
Calm, normal, or hyper: calm alone, hyper with anyone around.
Outgoing or shy/reserved: outgoing (but very reserved during exam time or when studying)
Optimist or pessimist: N/A, but closer to pessimist
Act on impulse, or think things through: impulse
Passive or aggressive: passive
Leader or follower: follower
Night or day: Night
Summer or winter: Summer
Magic or weapons: Magic
RPG's or shooters: RPG's

You are at a restaurant and want to be alone. Someone you don't know very well sits at your table and starts chatting to you. What do you do?: continue the conversation, and not mention that I want to be alone.

How do you handle conflict (whether it be with others, or situational)?: I try to avoid it / run away...

Zombies are attacking your hometown. Your friends and family are in danger. What do you do?: abandon them, unless they are invader zim zombies then I would find a broom handle and have some fun.

How do other people tend to describe your personality?: most people who don't know me well would say awkward but friends probably wouldn't try.

Who is your favourite Megatoyko character and why?: Ping, because she is O-so-human (and mysterious) and gets tinkered with by Largo (software and psychologically, ehehe)
Your least favourite Megatokyo character and why?: Erica, because she rarely contributes to the story and is sometimes too cold.

Anything else?: I like Junpei too and have ninja-like stealth myself.

Please include a picture or description of what you look like. I wear thin framed glasses and have short light brown hair. Average everything except ~small height. I always wear bracelets.