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Sophie [userpic]
The vibrating sheep of doom are after me!
by Sophie (spirit_moomba)
at January 30th, 2007 (08:42 pm)
Current Mood: happy
Current Song: None

Name: Sophie
Nicknames: Kuwabara, Kuwabara-kun, Soph, Kenshin
Age: 14
Likes: Music, anime, manga, reading, art, astronomy, socialising, movies, chocolate, red lester cheese 
Dislikes: Paris Hilton, skanks, people who judge by looks, those who diss the things i like and my friends
Strong Points: im a good listener, am honest most of the time, intelligent
Weak Points: Lazy, can get bitchy, low self-confidence, emotional, geography, rather vague
Your general mood: Relaxed
Describe yourself in three words: Easy-going, happy, thinker

Mature or immature: Mature (most of the time)
Calm, normal, or hyper: Calm/normal
Outgoing or shy/reserved: Outgoing around friends, shy around strangers
Optimist or pessimist: Pessimist
Act on impulse, or think things through: Think things through
Passive or aggressive: Passive
Leader or follower: Follower most times, but can be a leader
Night or day: Day
Summer or winter: Summer
Magic or weapons: Magic, cause you dont have to know how to fight
RPG's or shooters: RPGs are better

You are at a restaurant and want to be alone. Someone you don't know very well sits at your table and starts chatting to you. What do you do?: Probably talk but then try to send them on their way

How do you handle conflict (whether it be with others, or situational)?: Verbal - I yell right back. Physical - i try not to get involved

Zombies are attacking your hometown. Your friends and family are in danger. What do you do?: Help my family and friends get to safety. basically - run

How do other people tend to describe your personality?: So freaking awesome. Ive never found a better mate in my whole life. Answer courtesy of


Who is your favourite Megatoyko character and why?: Largo! Cause he's so rndom and incredibly stupid he really makes me wonder
Your least favourite Megatokyo character and why?: Maybe Erika cause she's violent? I dunno, dont really have one

Anything else?: No.

Please provide the links of three applications you have voted on.

Please include a picture or description of what you look like. Pale, shoulder length brown hair, freckly - basically a typical english person. uh.. hazel eyes, tall... I think thats all



Posted by: dr. combined gas (staticlights)
Posted at: February 2nd, 2007 03:07 pm (UTC)

I agree with jetzgirl118 on the Kimiko vote

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